Love Antell

He has been referred to as Stockholm's version of Gothenburg's Håkan Hellström, been a member in the Swedish folk rock band Persson's Pack, and is of course recognized as the frontman of highly acclaimed indie band Florence Valentin with hits like "Pokerkväll i Vårby Gård" and "Upp på sociala, ner på systemet" on their resumé. In 2012 Love decided to go solo and released his debut album as a solo artist, and he instantly became all critics darling. "He is one of the primary portrayers of Stockholm in the modern era - artists, journalists and writers included”, Jan Gradvall from Dagens Industri wrote in his review of Love’s debut album "Gatorna tillhör oss" (2012). Now, two years later, Love is back and has teamed up with Pär Wiksten (former artist and frontman in The Wannadies) to produce his new recordings. First single out from this newly formed collaboration is "Underhåll oss" and, according to an excited Love Antell, doesn’t quite sound like anything he’s ever put out before.