Swedish nu/retro pop duo Superwalkers are stepping up the pace with the release of their new single Lost “(As I Am)”. The song is the first to surface from members ‘A’ and ‘J’ on their new label Cosmos Music. The duo’s previous releases, most notably their first single “Not Like Us”, have gained great attention, and the collaboration with Cosmos Music marks a new wave for Superwalkers.

As a duo, Superwalkers took off in early 2010 when already acclaimed producers ‘A’ and ‘J’ became friends through Stockholms underground club scene. At first, they just used their different musical backgrounds to compare notes on their current projects, but it wouldn’t be long until this turned into full-on collaboration, resulting in their first single “Not Like Us”.

The song soon gained attention from numerous music blogs and spread like wildfire through Spotify. During a night out to celebrate their success ‘A’ and ‘J’ met a friend of music industry executive Fredrik Olsson. Not long after that, Fredrik Olsson became their manager and publisher. He would also eventually land them a recording contract with Cosmos Music, a label with a long history, and home to some of Swedens finest recording artists.

Sound-wise Superwalkers remain the way we have come to know them from previous releases. Dramatic yet stylishly modest, melancholic but set to high heeled boots to the floor beat. As always, powered by the duo’s passion for vintage synthesisers, and with lyrics conveying a message, sometimes from a global perspective and sometimes based on an everyday occurrence.

Despite the major contrasts between them, ‘A’ and ‘J’ found the key to making music by always working close together. The lyrics start to take shape as soon as the first chords have been laid down, to ensure that the sound and message correlate in every Superwalkers song. This way the often thoughtful observations in ‘A’ s lyrics won’t get lost in the process.

Credit: Daniel Stigefelt/Italiano Cultura Instituto/Overload Studios

Credit: Daniel Stigefelt/Italiano Cultura Instituto/Overload Studios